Authentic inclusion in school board decision making

To support effective community engagement in school board decision making, Grow Waitaha has produced a new report, From Tokenistic to Authentic Inclusion: Including communities in school board decision-making, which is complemented by a shorter summary report.

What is Grow Waitaha?
Grow Waitaha, which Leadership Lab has been part of since its inception since 2015, has supported schools in post-earthquake Canterbury through educational transformation.

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Creating real impact in other areas

We aspire to grow equitable and flourishing communities and organisations across Aotearoa

enacting Te
Tiriti o Waitangi

We understand our shared histories in Aotearoa NZ and promote inclusive practices for all people

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We actively surface voices, experiences, and perspectives that are otherwise marginalised or passed over

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hauora & wellbeing

We take a broad and inclusive view of wellbeing, which holds quality of life as a high priority

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We recognise and harness the power of workplaces as environments to influence the quality of life of all workers

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