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Leaders Connect #19 : April 8 2021

Leading Through Collaboration 1+1=3

In this Leaders' Connect hui recording from 8 April 2021, Sharon Marsh and Murray Lucas share their whakaaro on Leading Through Collaboration.

Leaders' Connect #18: March 25th 4-5pm

Mana Whenua Engagement: Building and Sustaining Meaningful Relationships

Te Whainoa Te Wiata explores key ideas related to this kaupapa, and consider questions such as, “why is mana whenua engagement so vital to schools and communities?”, “how do we create and sustain meaningful relationships?”, and “how might school leaders’ identities and beliefs shape engagement?”

Leaders' Connect#17: March 4th 2021

Leading to the North East

In this Leaders' Connect hui recording from 4th March 2021, Claire Amos (Principal, Albany Senior High School) shares her whakaaro on Leading to the North-East: Warm and Demanding Leadership.