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LinC Project : Activator 2018

‘Fail Club’

Preston shared his insights into what 'failing' meant to him, how it galvanised his response and some ideas of how it's an ongoing challenge in the 'creative...

LinC Project : Activator : 2018

Creative Resourcing without creative accounting

Jason led us on a short but insightful snapshot of what Social Enterprise is and what it is not! Some great thought provoking ideas to consider and think about when you might be planning a project, with some level of social focus and intention. Be careful about what you are trying to do, plan, and be clear that it is something you can achieve.

LinC Project : Activator #2 : 2020

Upstander Stories

Chris Harris – CEO Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, shares passionately about his work in education and advocacy, and the relevance of the enduring lessons and messages from the Holocaust for modern society.