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Leaders Connect #17 : March 4, 2021

Leading to the North East

In this Leaders' Connect hui recording from 4th March 2021, Claire Amos (Principal, Albany Senior High School) shares her whakaaro on Leading to the North-East: Warm and Demanding Leadership.

Leaders Connect #16: February 18th 4-5pm

Rethinking curriculum

In this Leaders' Connect hui Perry Rush (President of the New Zealand Principals Federation) shares his whakaaro on the pro's and con's for curriculum in Aotearoa.

Leaders Connect #15 2020

Finishing Well

In this Leaders' Connect hui recording from 3 December 2020, Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan from NZ Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience (NZIWR) share their whakaaro on Finishing Well: Strengths-based approaches for noticing the growth and the good.

Leaders Connect #14

We Go, not Ego!

In this Leaders' Connect hui recording from 19th November 2020, Sarah Martin and Chris Bradbeer share their whakaaro on Leveraging Collaborative Potential.

LinC Project : Activator : 2018

Creative Resourcing without creative accounting

Jason led us on a short but insightful snapshot of what Social Enterprise is and what it is not! Some great thought provoking ideas to consider and think about when you might be planning a project, with some level of social focus and intention. Be careful about what you are trying to do, plan, and be clear that it is something you can achieve.

LinC Project : Activator #2 : 2020

Upstander Stories

Chris Harris – CEO Holocaust Centre of New Zealand, shares passionately about his work in education and advocacy, and the relevance of the enduring lessons and messages from the Holocaust for modern society.

LinC Project : Activator #2 : 2020

Upstander Stories

Jo Bailey describes how, she joined Zahra Hussaini, and Rebecca Parnham to co-found, Uniting Canterbury Women, a group formed after the terror attacks to learn from each other, and work together to make a difference in our communities.

Leaders Connect #13 : November 5th 2020

Out with the hero, in with the collective

In this Leaders' Connect hui recording from 5th November 2020, Dr Chris Jansen and Stephen McConnachie share their whakaaro on collective leadership.

LinC Project : Activator #2 : 2020

Upstander Stories

Tayla Reece and Rose Cook, both work with youth based in Ōtautahi. In this video they share about their passion for working with youth from diverse groups within our city. They share about the impact of the Puāwai initiative, on their journey and those of others.

Leaders Connect #12: October 22nd 2020

Leading for cultural capability: Showing up differently

Daisy Lavea-Timo and Judy Bruce share from their own leadership experiences and challenge traditional ideas of inclusion, diversity and tolerance, and invite us to consider ways of showing up differently in intercultural connections.

Leaders Connect #11: September 24th 2020

Leading & Living with Purpose

This Leaders’ Connect explores the possibilities of purpose at an organisational level and discuss ways in which we can find a greater sense of alignment, purpose and meaning in our personal lives and work.

Leaders Connect #10: September 10th 2020

Be Slacker Better: learnings from the trenches of the Forty Hour Principals

In this Leaders' Connect school principals and authors David Armstrong and Steve Zonnevylle share their whakaaro on "being slacker better" - learnings from the trenches of the 40 Hour Principals.

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