Committed to giving effect to

the articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Inspired by our vision to see

Equitable and thriving communities and organisations

Through growing leaders who are

Fostering collective approaches to complex issues 

Guided by our values

Mana Ōrite, Kotahitanga and Manaakitanga

This is who we are.

Origins back in 2011

Leadership Lab emerged in Ōtautahi / Christchurch during the devastating earthquakes of 2011. This was a hugely provoking time for us all with both the tragic loss of life and city-wide infrastructure damage, and simultaneously a city-wide collective willingness (and desperate need) to work together in new and fresh ways…

Out of the community, a response

A small group of us who were community members and experienced leaders and consultants were compelled by the opportunity to contribute to the rebuild of our own city.  However, in order to engage with the city-wide government level interventions need we realised we needed to come together and collectivise so that we could be taken seriously by the Government agencies and participate in this city rebuild.

A collective approach

Hence Leadership Lab was born – a leadership consulting company based on the collaboration of passionate and diverse consultants all focussed on growing equitable and thriving communities and organisations in Aotearoa.  We are a collective; we have no employees; however, we have grown over the last 10+ years to a network of over 50 individuals who each have their own businesses  – who all choose to collaborate within a range of projects together.

2024… our journey continues

With intentional wānanga and times to gather, our team continues to find strength, refine our focus, and focus on the specific areas of impact we are focused on.

Pou Herenga – our guiding beliefs and values

Over the last 10 years, we have spent regular intentional time in wānanga (extended dialogue) and explored our collective identities, our values, our approaches and our vision. 

We are guided by our “Pou Herenga” –  the post that we are lashed to individually and collectively…

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Showing up differently

Although all our projects are unique to the context and issue they are addressing – a common approach underpins each of them.

This is outlined in our guiding process, Showing up differently,

Explore the details of this below…

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Leadership Lab is a business-for-purpose rather than business-for-profit

We’re stoked to share that our impact-driven collective of amazing humans is now a certified B Corporation and part of  a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy

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The Leadership Lab team is a vibrant and diverse mix of people bringing consulting experience, knowledge and passion to life and leading…

Meet our unique and diverse team of leaders, collaborators and facilitators

The Leadership Lab have been building a movement growing the capability of large cohorts of change makers to make the world better, the power of which continues to spread their ripples of change within our communities today.

Dr Eru Tarena, Executive Director, Tokona te Raki

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