Leading and living with purpose

Dr Peter Cammock explores the possibilities of purpose at an organisational level and discuss ways in which we can find a greater sense of alignment, purpose and meaning in our personal lives and work.

This videio is part of the Leaders’ Buffet Wellbeing and Meaning series.

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Leadership Lab has actively worked to not only develop those leaders but create self-sustaining and supportive social capital for the benefit of Canterbury communities. These outcomes represent the hard yards in connecting communities.

Jennifer Chowaniec, Trust Coordinator, Wayne Francis Charitable Trust

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Our focus continues to become refined and clear on areas where change is critical for equity, inclusion, and the enacting of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Enacting Te Tiriti o Waitangi

We understand our shared histories in Aotearoa NZ and promote inclusive practices for all people

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We are committed to education that meets the needs of all learners and exists in the realities of the modern world

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We actively surface voices, experiences, and perspectives that are otherwise marginalised or passed over

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We recognise and harness the power of workplaces as environments to influence the quality of life of all workers

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