Welcome to our Leaders’ Buffet

…a self-directed learning programme to support your work and empower leaders to learn more effectively.

The Leaders’ Buffet is curated into several themes, each having a range of videos, complete with provocative questions you can use to challenge you and your organisation’s thinking. These themes are designed to be used by small groups of leaders and can also be used by individuals.

Theme A Equity and Inclusion

Equity and inclusion is one of the most critical focus areas for all schools and one that aligns strongly with Leadership Lab's value of mana ōrite. This involves advocating for equity for tangata whenua to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and for the inclusion of diverse values and beliefs.

Theme B Wellbeing and Meaning

Wellbeing and Meaning focuses on how we can support the positive wellbeing of students and teachers within schools and kura. Taking a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning is central to the success of ākonga as confident and well supported lifelong learners.

Theme C Future-focussed leadership

Future focussed leadership engages and empowers school leaders to effectively prepare students and schools to respond to the ever-changing global environment and inspire the exploration of new ways of working and learning.

Theme D Collaboration and culture change

Collaboration and culture change explores the practices, mindsets and environments required to bring people together to develop shared ownership and work collectively towards innovative possibilities based on shared vision.