Leaders' Connect#7: July 30th 4-5pm

Kryptonite for leaders- ‘commanding’ leadership in a collegial age…

One of the most significant leadership lessons borne of the COVID -19 crisis has been a renewed sense that the ‘buck stops’ with school leaders who have had to make sharp decisions and deploy a ‘take charge’ attitude. This sort of ‘commanding’ leadership is not often experienced in our profession. We are well-versed with collaborative and collegial leadership, we embrace ‘flat’ leadership approaches and see our jobs as enabling others to grow in their leadership. But COVID-19 has reminded us that commanding leadership is not a ‘dirty word’ and there are many instances in our schools that require strong, powerful, informed, and direct leadership. 

What defines leadership that is commanding? what opportunities do you see to further grow commanding leadership? In what circumstances can commanding leadership be useful in your school community?

Perry will share examples of times when commanding leadership has been important and had a powerful influence on people.  You are encouraged to reflect on your experiences with commanding leadership and further grow commanding leadership in your leadership toolkit. 


Perry Rush

Perry is the National President of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation. In his usual job he is Principal at Hastings Intermediate. Before that Perry was Principal at Island Bay School in Wellington and was foundation Director at the innovative Discovery 1 School in Christchurch. He launched Tawa School City Site, a satellite campus in Wellington’s CBD and was the spokesperson of BTAC-the Boards Taking Action Coalition, a powerful movement to oppose National Education Standards. Perry is a passionate advocate of student-centred learning and practice-based approaches. He is dad to two teenagers and enjoys dining out, travel, indie rock and coffee!

About the Leaders’ Connect online series

Leaders’ Connect is an interactive, relational, online space for education leaders. These one-hour online hui occur fortnightly and the aim is to:  

  • Provide a safe place of connection for education leaders within NZ
  • Support leaders’ wellbeing 
  • Gain fresh leadership knowledge and capacity 
  • Create professional connection via an online platform
  • Provide a space for learning and sharing innovative practices and ideas 

In the spirit of Leaders’ Connect, as well as a Q&A time with Perry, there will be time for engaging in small group discussions for support and idea-sharing.

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