Systems Change Workshop #1 May 7th 4-5pm

What is systems thinking and systems change, and why does it matter?

Workshop #1: What is systems thinking and systems change, and why does it matter?

Learn more about the origins of systems thinking, the fundamentals of systems change, and why there is a growing interest in and need in our current times.

  • Are you interested in social change and innovation and keen to learn about systems change?
  • Are you concerned about the complexity of today’s world and curious as to what this means for us as leaders?

This is an introductory online workshop series where we will explore some of the key ideas about systems change. Through active participation with others, the workshops will provide a platform for considering ways that systems change frameworks and tools might be applied to your own practices.
This is a Leadership Lab Rourou initiative. You can learn more about Rourou here.

The workshops are online:

  • Tues 7 May 4-5pm
  • Tues 4 June 4-5pm
  • Tues 25 June, 4-5pm

Who is the series for? 

This is for you if you are:

  • Keen to learn about systems change. The workshops will introduce you to key ideas related to this kaupapa. If you already have an understanding, but would like a refresh then you may find the workshops helpful too.
  • Able to interact online with others to learn together. The workshops will be interactive and discussion based. Sometimes you may be paired with someone else for an activity. This is to help deepen applied learning with others.

Is there a cost?
The workshops are free of charge. This is a Leadership Lab Rourou sponsored event. You can learn more about Rourou here.

Do I need to attend all three workshops?
The workshops are designed as a series and the content will be scaffolded over the three sessions, however we expect that there is still value in attending any one of the them. If you can’t make them all, no problem. We will make recordings available online after the workshops and send the link to everyone who has registered for any of the events in the series.

Who is hosting the series?
The series has been developed by a Rourou team:
Fi Deehan, Erica Austin and Stephen McConnachie, Chris Jansen and Judy Bruce.
The workshops will be co-facilitated by Chris and Judy.