At Leadership Lab our aim is to work alongside leaders to equip them to lead change more effectively, and to embed change initiatives through;

  • culture change
  • communication strategies
  • agile systems and processes

We understand the importance of building a strong vision, proactively leading change, and genuine collaboration within and across organisations and sectors. In addition, we are skilled at supporting leaders to identify and engage a wide range of relevant stakeholders in order to sustain and grow change.

This diagram is the change management frame that we designed with the Ministry of Education for over 50 Kāhui Ako around New Zealand.  The left side outlines 4 Cultural elements, and the right side outlines 4 Strategic and operational elements.  This self-analysis tool allowed the Kāhui Ako to design their own change management process over several months with clear stages and processes

"There are two key standout features of the Leadership Lab which are why we will continue to work with them; 1) They are quick to get to understand the essence of where our organisation and leaders are at and partner with us to develop bespoke and integrated solutions to lift the performance of both and; 2) The depth of capability of the Leadership Lab team mean that solutions and coaching is not only sound but goes to the heart of the matter. This, along with commitment for sustainable change, result in shifts that go beyond surface impact."

Belinda de Zwart, SCIRT HR & Peak Performance Manager

"The largest impact has been on relational trust, strategy and action planning."

Kāhui Ako Lead Principal