We design leadership development incubators to both increase each leaders skills, knowledge and confidence as well as grow trusting and collaborative relationships in order to build collective leadership and collaboration.

Many organisations have clear and compelling vision and strategy statements yet struggle to implement these successfully.  The key enabler for implementation is collective leadership at both the senior and middle leadership levels.  Strategically growing networks of leaders within an organisation enables them to co-create change in their own setting.

We have extensive evidence that a customized leadership development programme can activate this leadership core of an organisation.  Such programmes result in two benefits

  1. individual leadership confidence, knowledge and skills and
  2. a collective leadership focus on strategic priorities.

Implementation of such a strategic programme is based on key design principles including each leader formulating their own action research inquiry approach that is aligned within the organisations overall strategic direction and being exposed to and selecting from a range of tools to support this.


"Leadership Lab do things differently. For 6 years they’ve worked tirelessly with us to support and enable a culture shift - emphasising positive action and individual responsibility within the interconnectedness and complexities of a health system. They’ve very often gone above and beyond what they’ve been contracted to do because, in their own words, “this is important work”..."

Jacqui Benter-Lynch
Organisational Development Specialist, People and Capability, Canterbury District Health Board

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