Theme A Equity and Inclusion

A9: Leading Well – Te Whare Mauri Ora

Author: Wiremu Gray

Wiremu Gray shares whakaaro on Te Whare Mauri Ora, his framework for leading well by caring for ourselves and others.

  1. As a leader, you have lots of different roles and responsibilities, which can make it difficult to maintain a good work/life balance. How do you keep your cup full?
  2. As a leader what helps you to perform and to be at your best?
  3. What learning can you take away from these concepts of Te Whare Mauri Ora?
  4. What’s one goal you would like to develop for yourself from this model?
  5. How does Te Whare Mauri Ora help us to reflect on our leadership?
  6. How do we nurture the mauri of others? How do we listen, understand, value and involve others? (Give Mana to others)
  7. How can we make sure we have the energy/vibrancy to lead in the mana-enhancing way we desire?