Our people

The Leadership Lab team is a vibrant and diverse mix of people bringing experience, knowledge and a real passion to life and leading…

Leadership Lab operates as a collective with a wide range of individuals teaming up to contribute in a range of projects while also supporting and developing each other in the process. Our Leadership Lab team covers all of New Zealand/Aotearoa and through the extensive network of robust and trusting relationships where we form partnerships with local leaders.

Leadership Lab has All of Government Consultancy Services (AOG) accreditation status for Business Change and Human Resources Tier 3. We were on the Ministry of Education Kāhui Ako Change Management Provider panel. 2017-2019, and are on the Ministry of Education Grow Waitaha Provider Panel from 2015 – present.

Showing up differently is important to us

"Leading Collaborative Partnerships Course was complete and we’ve seen this for a few years now in the grassroots community leadership space where Leadership Lab has actively worked to not only develop those leaders but create self-sustaining and supportive social capital for the benefit of Canterbury communities. These outcomes represent the hard yards in connecting communities.

Jenn Chowaniec - Wayne Francis Charitable Trust

"Leadership Lab's passion for challenging people to think differently around adapting to a changing future, and their expertise in collaboration and partnering for transformational change, is a driving force toward the provision of 21st century learning opportunities for Canterbury’s children and young people"

Garry Williams
Manager - Ministry of Education